Experienced, Intuitive, Present

I have persevered through many adversities in life. My passion is being present and helping girls and woman to discover how heal, transform and create a pathway to a life that is beyond their wildest dreams.  In my young life I endured abandonment, betrayal and complete separation from my birth family. I lived in a home of drugs and poverty until I was nine and was in foster care until I was adopted at age eleven.


I have fought for my place in life my whole life.  After many years of counseling, self help, twelve step programs and my determination to never give up and to keep peeling the layers; I really love who I am, who I am becoming. I have fallen in love with  transforming me!

I thought I would never be able to be a good parent or a good wife. I thought I was permanently broken - forever damaged goods. I have to tell you that being a wife and a mother is my absolute most favorite part of my life!  I love my husband, son and daughter more than anything else on this planet and they are beyond amazing!  I fully broke the cycle, the legacy unintentionally left by my parents.

Over the years, I learned a system in which I can apply to everything in my life and that system works better than many other forms and approaches that are out there! I will admit, the primary reason it has worked so beautifully is through my personal commitment to transform that still thrives today.  There is no easy fix to anything meaningful in life, so it has to be a big why to do the work.  I cannot say, that what I do is new, I believe it is in the my process of that is different.  

Through my many years of therapy, twelve step programs, self help books, art, journalling and most important - my constant curiosity and determination, I have broke the family cycle of destruction and suicide and created the life that I love and am still creating!

I stand in solidarity that anyone can take their life back and claim it as their own COMPLETELY!

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