Infinitely-U Mind/Body Program

Integrative Mind/Body Connection

 This program provides the pathway of connection of the whole person body and mind and spirit. Utilizing Polarity communication techniques, sound, movement and bodywork to integrate the clients intention. Willingness to commit and be consistent with process to achieve fullness of the intension - longevity

Plan a minimum of 3 sessions up to a year based on progress and depth of intention 

Starting @ $285 for 3 sessions

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Somatic Integratition & Bodywork

Releasing the energetic body thru re-organizing the Nervous System with the power of Polarity

The polarity approach to health and well-being is a positive one seeking to give you a number of tools to use in maintaining a balanced way of life. It encourages self responsibility and reliance for greater balance and peace. 

More than one session may be needed

Starting @ $95 per session

Meditation by the Sea

Wellness Coaching Session(s)

Create a Plan You Can Actualize

This is a more traditional coaching technique for goal achievements with Trauma Sensitive Guidance & Inspiration for Transformational Growth.  This service is for any area of growth desired. What is it you are seeking to create, heal or explore?  Let's get together to discuss what you would like to discover, grow or heal and create a plan for success! Call now to schedule your first session.

Starting @ $95 per session

Life Coach

Thera-Med Massage
Freedom from Pain is Possible with Commitment and Action


Reduce Day to Day Pain And Tension

The treatment may have a combination of modalities in which maximizes your desired results. Each treatment is uniquely designed to reduce stress, release soft tissue tension, and lessen basic aches and pains. 

Leah specializes in Trigger Point, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release to help the areas that are stuck, so to speak. 

$95     60 min

$145    90 min

Medical Massage

This treatment is methodically, administered based on the location and level of injury as a result of an auto accident, work related or sport related injury.  Examples of injuries are whiplash, shoulder injury, back pain strain or sprain, tennis elbow, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpel tunnel syndrome or injured knees or ankles.  These types of issues require specific treatments in specific order to maximize effectiveness and sometimes can be painful.  


There are a few different methodologies used to address different conditions, concerns or injuries: Myofascial Release; Deep Tissue; Trigger Point; and Specific Massage Protocols for specific injuries.

$45 per 15 min (1 unit)

not available in 90 minute sessions

Back Massage
Image by Emma Simpson

Monthly Maintenance Program

Thera-Med Massage is committed to effective, consistent, corrective maintenance! This is a wellness program designed for the accumulative results that come from regular and consistent treatment. Call for complete details.