• Leah DeLong

Play in the world with Curiosity and Wonderment

I have been wanting to create a pathway for introspection as well as engagement with myself and others. We are in trying times as a people, as the human race and it is global. In my reflection of the circumstances, I sense unhealed trauma percolating to the surface as a collective. It is not of one thing it is generations of “swept under the carpet” or the mastery of “squirrel” and simple unawareness. This observation is not a judgement, it is acknowledgement. It is “I see you and hear you” from my part. It is coming from a space that the lie of “brokenness” is revealed, and the truth of “oneness” is born. We are not a people seeking new, we are people awakening from the deep sleep. In that awakening a new view is coming into focus. Its not that anything is different per say, perception is taking a turn. We are returning to the roots of our truth. Its not being faced with “fixing” it is involution/evolution going with in like a caterpillar and emerging as butterflies.

I am not the master of stories and fables. I am not one for fantasy or Tales books or movies of any kind and I do not watch TV. I seek from within and trust resonance, I trust intuition and I trust GOD (Spirit, Source, Mother, Father…etc) For me, I connect to GOD. I am a lifelong learner, so I read for knowledge, I read for information always assessing what rings true – I am of intuition. So, as I sit here, and I have been asking GOD how do I show up? How do you want me to show up? What is the message I am to offer the world? What does the world need?

God has answered in these words: Self-Awareness, Courage, Willingness, Actionable

As I contemplated these words, I reflected my experience with others, my observations and it brings to why I am here to stand with you to begin with. Self-Awareness, that is a loaded idea! To be fully self-aware is to fully know where one is in space and time and why. In that, is having a full connection between mind and body and then spirit or the other way around Spirit, body Mind as spirit comes in thru the body and into the mind. Do you have a strong connection with yourself? Are you fully aware of space and time and why? Do you know what your body is communicating to you? Does it have a message or something it is asking you to notice? What does that mean anyway right? Our body keeps the score, it tells the tale we do not speak. So just quiet yourself for a moment, where is there pain? Where is there constriction? Does it feel good to sit and be with your body? What is your physical health? What thoughts come to you as you sit with yourself this way? I have found that more people than not have no idea what is going on with their body in relationship to their life, their experiences, how the past can wreak havoc thru the body in the present time.

That is where courage comes in. Do you have the courage to be with yourself in wholeness? Do you have the courage to make the changes you are being guided to make? Do you have the courage to feel uncomfortable feelings that will bring you to a new understanding of yourself and the world? Can you do that alone or do you need help, support and/or guidance? Do you have the courage to ask? Courage is not the absence of fear, it is moving through fear. Often when inquiry is upon self – great fear arises because its comfortable to stay in what one knows good or bad when it is just reflection and contrast.

Through exploring courage creates the inquiry of willingness. What are you willing to do? What are you willing to consider changing? How far are you willing to go? Are you willing to be radical with yourself?

Finally, because of this Action can be taken, and a plan made which can be in the form of many different things.

For additional resource, I took to my cards – I have many different wisdom/spirit card decks and there are 2 decks that I love and deeply cherish as amazing GOD centered guidance. I asked What does the world need?

This is a powerful message, and it comes from the Crown Chakra of Neutrality stating, “Embrace the Spirit of Universal Consciousness” The specific message of “Destiny” reads: “Black and White – Together we are stronger than alone”

"Black is the shade that demands to be taken seriously. As it absorbs all the colours, black emits the warm, powerful energy of the protector. Unlike Black, White is isolated. Together they balance and create."

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