• Leah DeLong

States of Mind/Being often referred to as "Mental Health"

Mental Health; What does it mean to you? I think these words have connotations like something is wrong or broken. I believe it brings about an instant sense of negative thoughts of "sickness" and that is simply not true. Many people have great stress and they push things aside for purpose of time or just not knowing how to tackle a situation and even not even realizing there is something lurking in the background of their life.

Generally what happens when all these life nuances are not acknowledged or addressed it is always expressed thru the body. Healing - healthcare - wellness is not just from one place and not just from one way. One of the best ways to address nuances of life is through massage and energy balancing. Yes, we literally have a negative, neutral and positive energetic polls - we have pulse, we have electrical current - that is simple science. So, when thoughts, emotions and beliefs fall out of balance - where does it go?

It expresses itself in the body!!

Massage with energy balancing is one of the best ways to help the body alleviate the symptoms of stress. Simply put; Therapeutic massage addresses tension in the body and a simple dialogue between practitioner and client helps identify where the body is holding tension. The pandemic has caused such a stir in most everyone and from so many different aspects of the experience that I have found most have a higher level of stress and tension in their body. The integrative work I do - does help in relieving and processing that stress and tension.

If you relate to any of these words or any visuals of the Meme. Massage with energy balancing is a powerful and un-invasive way to address unresolved and even unknown tension

- Lets schedule an appointment and get you onto a path of relief!

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