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The Art of Traditional Journal Keeping

The benefits of physically writing

The times of today it seems that the act of writing is no longer needed, necessary or beneficial with all the technological advancements we have been blessed to utilize. Such as, texting, computing, talk to text, Seri, Alexa etc…However; I cannot disagree more! We lose access to creativity, inner wisdom, intuition, and deep connection with self and simpler benefits like, memory, stress relief, and emotional balance. When we look to past generations and consider similarities and differences it is clear. The past and present are similar in that people seek efficiency, simpler solutions, faster methods of completing tasks and the advances of technology absolutely benefit these desires. The past and present are different by comparison in creativity, intellectuality, self-evaluation, curiosity are greater in the past than in the present. Why is that? What are the factors in this difference? The answer is simple the act of writing has greatly lessened with the ease of technology and in those some very fundamental and important accesses to self-have been hindered. In the following paragraphs, I will explain this difference and show why the act of putting a pen/pencil to paper is so important to evolution in creativity and personal understanding.

Writing sharpens fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are needed for dexterity. What that means is working with the hands, holding, and doing activities with the hands. Writing incorporates hand eye coordination, and it is a skill that requires specificity in staying between lines, spacing on paper, and hand/finger control. At the root of simplicity, writing is important to strong motor skills.

Writing is most valuable in disseminating what is in the mind, accessing the creative portal, strengthening Memory, improves immune function, reducing stress and forging pathways in mental/emotional balance. Say What?!! Yes absolutely – If you want clarity and manifestation in your life, one of the most beneficial and powerful ways to gain these is through putting a real pen to physical paper!

I write about this topic because have created a Facebook Journal group and I would love for you to come join me in the practice of physical journal writing. The group will create a nonjudgmental space, opportunity to share experiences and ah-ha moments discovered because of regular journal writing. We will have a variety of topics and methods in which to explore. Writing is a creative activity, and it opens access to parts of our mind that is often clouded or ignored in everyday life because there is no room for the creative to express. Thoughts create reality and emotions are expression of those creations.

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