Welcome, you did not get here by accident!  I am so happy you made it.  Are you ready to tackle the parts of your life and being that keep you playing small?  Leah DeLong, LMT has charisma and an honest approach creating rapport quickly and people are at ease almost immediately in her presence. She draws from all her experiences and training when present to her clients in a way that she can ask powerful and direct questions using protocols that are created to assist the client to find clarity, direction and a plan to see goals through to fruition. She believes you can achieve your personal goals with life coaching and enjoy a new outlook on life. For more information about her services and how she can serve you.



Integrate The Whole U

Welcome to the Adventure that is you! The Picture here is an actual adventure of mine and it reflects how I adventure in life.  Each time I go out in my Jeep, I am conquering fear that lives in me and I always have support in that experience!

Live life as an Adventure


To use my life experience and knowledge as a pathway to inspire others to discover their own path and learn life is a journey to which we can relate with one another as a teacher and a student.

Leah DeLong

My purpose and Intent

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