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MindBody Integration
with Leah DeLong



Leah DeLong is a Licensed Massage Therapist of nine years and an Integrative Healing Arts Practitioner utilizing Energy Work, Polarity Therapy, Wellness Coaching and Guided Meditation along with her life experience facilitates women in their journey to peace and balance by using a combination of her trained modalities that best fits her clients goals.

Infinitely-U is in the business of supporting, teaching and guiding clients through curiosity of ones self in an integrative way  through asking and listening to body and mind.  Leah's approach is nurturing, always within integrity of client needs.  She practices in a trauma sensitive way while honoring and holding a loving neutral space in which her clients can be confident and comfortable in being fully expressed.

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Mind Body Coaching

Using techniques of Polarity Communications for releasing emotional energy and balancing the Nervous System

Wellness Coaching Session

This is a more traditional coaching technique for goal achievements with Trauma Sensitive Guidance & Inspiration for Transformational Growth

Focused Therapeutic Massage 

Thera-Med Massage is committed to effective, corrective & consistent wellness

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Embrace your life journey by healing your mind body and spirt, then integrating the WHOLE U


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