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Welcome to the Adventure that is you! The Picture here is an actual adventure of mine and it reflects how I adventure in life.  Each time I go out in my Jeep, I am conquering fear that lives in me and I always have support in that experience!

Live life as an Adventure



Are you wanting and willing to step into all that is you?  Infinitely-U is in the business of supporting, teaching and guiding through curiosity of ones self in a holistic way first through bringing attention to the magnificence of the bodies brilliant communication that comes through asking and listening. 


Holistic health - addressing the whole person and teaching interested individuals the power of mind body connection and communication.  Happiness, wealth, freedom - It's an inside job

To use my life experience and knowledge as a pathway to inspire others to discover their own path and learn life is a journey to which we can relate with one another as a teacher and a student.

Leah DeLong

My purpose and Intent

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